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Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort

The location of our Dive Center is within the premises of the Resort.

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Cyerce nigra _4-3a Tiger Butterfly

Romblon is a hidden gem for macro diving enthusiasts and photographers. With its diverse and thriving marine life, the island is home to an array of macro species such as nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, and shrimp. Book your next diving adventure in Romblon to explore this underwater wonderland.


The Philippines is situated in the Coral Triangle, a region renowned for its exceptional biodiversity. With over 500 different reef-building corals and more than 3,000 fish species, the Philippines boasts one of the most diverse ocean environments on the planet.


We provide a wide range of PADI courses catering to all levels, from beginner to dive professionals. In addition, we offer PADI Technical Dive courses and a plethora of PADI Specialty courses. All our courses are expertly taught by our Master Instructor, ensuring the highest quality of training.

UW Photography Workshops by “Ram Yoro”

Macro Diving & UW-Photography is becoming more and more popular among scuba divers. Especially because of their amazing beauty and variety. Within the last years Romblon has made his extraordinary name within this community.


Romblon is famous for its pristine and untouched environment and its laidback character. We are offering several tours around the islands and on land.

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