Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort

Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort is located on Alad Island which is only about 10 Minutes away from the Provincial Capitol of Romblon, Romblon. The Resort is in a tropical island enhanced by swaying coconut palms and directly located at a 300 meter long secluded white Sand Beach which gives an easy access to Snorklers and Scuba Divers due to its sloping features. An additional feature is the perfect orientation to South/West which allows you to enjoy the Sunrise until the Sunset and most of the time you have full Sunlight which is admired by many Sunbathers. Surrounding the island is a pristine waters enriched by a stunningly beautiful house reef. These features makes the Resort a heaven of nature and tranquility. Experience the raw beauty of nature while staying in the comfort of Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort, this atmosphere will surely rejuvenates your mind and body. A hotel with 1 Suite Room, 4 Deluxe Rooms, 1 Duplex Villa with private veranda that offer views of sea, Logbon island and Romblon Town. Having a very comfortable king size bed along with other well appointed amenities. Diving around this island is very exceptional. It gives opportunity to discover the unspoilt coral reefs and rich marine life.
With the unrelenting smile and a heart full of happiness to share, this feeling of warmth radiates and transcends to comfort you and feel like your HOME.

For Scuba and Accommodation packages you can reach us via Email to customize your stay

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