Blue Hole Dive Romblon

If you are looking for a unique and amazing dive here in Romblon we highly recommend the Blue Hole on Tablas Island as a must. We are offering to dive at the Blue Hole as part of our daily Diving Trips. The trip starts at 8 am in the morning and we will have our 1st dive at the Blue Hole and a possible 2nd Dive at the similar amazing Light House Cavern, which is just close beside the Blue Hole. As we are using our 200 HP Speedboat the trip from Alad, Romblon to the Blue Hole takes not more than 20-30 minutes and we can jump into our experience already. The Blue Hole as well as the Lighthouse Cavern are Advanced Dives and require an Advanced Open Water certification and at least 20 Dives. We highly recommend to use our available “Nitrox” Enriched Air mixtures as both dives are reaching a maximum depth of 30 meters and you can extend your bottom time or plan the dive considering additional safety.

Please don’t forget your Certification Card and your Logbook.

All prices include: 2 Dives during 1 day, Divemaster Service (Group size up to 4 Person), Boat, Lunch, Water, Tea & Coffee.

Full Dive Gear can be rented if necessary.

Dive Prices

2 Dives including lunch MIN. 2 Divers (per Person)

4,900 PHP

2 Dives including lunch MIN. 4 Divers (per Person)

4,150 PHP

Diving Fee Blue Hole per Person

600 PHP

Nitrox / Enriched Air & O2 (24% to 99%)

NITROX per 12l Tank 32%

350 PHP

NITROX 3 Dives/1day 32%

600 PHP

Discount on "total" scuba diving bill for multiple diving days

3 - 4 days
5 - 6 days
7 - 9 days
10 - 12 days
>12 days
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