Blue Hole Dive Romblon

If you’re seeking a truly unique and extraordinary diving experience in Romblon, we enthusiastically recommend exploring the Blue Hole on Tablas Island. As part of our daily Diving Trips, we offer the opportunity to dive at this magnificent site. The trip commences at 8 am, starting with our first dive at the Blue Hole, followed by a potential second dive at the equally mesmerizing Light House Cavern, which is located nearby. With the utilization of our high-speed 200 HP Speedboat, the journey from Alad, Romblon to the Blue Hole takes a mere 20-30 minutes, allowing us to swiftly embark on our adventure.

It’s important to note that both the Blue Hole and the Lighthouse Cavern are classified as Advanced Dives, necessitating an Advanced Open Water certification and a minimum of 20 previous dives. To enhance safety and maximize bottom time, we highly recommend utilizing our “Nitrox” Enriched Air mixtures, particularly since both dives reach a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Please remember to bring your Certification Card and Logbook to ensure a smooth experience.

Our prices are inclusive of the following: 2 dives within a single day, Divemaster Service for groups of up to 4 persons, boat usage, as well as water, tea, and coffee to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Should you require full dive gear, it is available for rent.

Embark on this remarkable diving adventure with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dive Prices

2 Dives MIN. 2 Divers (per Person)

4,900 PHP

Diving Fee Blue Hole per Person

600 PHP

**Fuel surcharge applies and will be divided by the number of divers**

Nitrox / Enriched Air & O2 (24% to 99%)

NITROX per 12l Tank 32%

350 PHP

NITROX 3 Dives/1day 32%

600 PHP

Discount on "total" scuba diving bill for multiple diving days

3 - 4 days
5 - 6 days
7 - 9 days
10 - 12 days
>12 days
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