Island & Inland Tours

Island Tours

Package Tour A:

Covers 3 Islands & Beaches: BonBon Beach, Logbon Beach, and Bang-Og Island Beach. You will surely enjoy this tour because of the many exciting experiences it offers. You can pass through a long sandbar to reach Bang-Og Island. BonBon Beach is a glorious sight with its incredible white sand and unique sandbar. Logbon Island boasts amazing beaches and a truly remarkable Marine Sanctuary. You can feel the serenity of these places. BonBon Beach is a long white beach ideal for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and enjoying a sunset dinner. Please note that the Eco Tourism Fee/Marine Sanctuary Fee is not included.


Price: 1,000PHP / Person

Package Tour B:

This tour covers 2 Islands and Beaches: Cobrador, which includes a Turtle Sanctuary and Alad Marine Sanctuary. You will undoubtedly enjoy this tour due to the multitude of exciting experiences it offers. Cobrador Island, with its long and stunning white beach, is truly a sight to behold. Both Cobrador and Alad Island are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. Please note that the Eco Tourism Fee/Marine Sanctuary Fee is not included in the tour package.


Price: 1,200PHP / Person

Inland Tours

Package A:

Covers BonBon Beach, San Andres Fort, St. Joseph Cathedral Parish, Romblon Freedom Park and the Historical Bridges

Price: 1,000PHP / Person

Package B:

Covers Marble Factories, Marble Quarry, Marble Shopping Centre, San Andres Fort

Price: 1,200PHP / Person

Package C:

Covers Kipot River, Nonok Beach and Tiamban Beach witch Sunset Drinks.

Price: 1,500PHP / Person

Package D:

Covers Romblon Windmills, Lipton Waterfalls and Sunset Drinks at BonBon Beach

Price: 1,500PHP / Person

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