Scuba Dive Services

We are thrilled to extend our warmest invitation to join our Divecenter for an unforgettable diving adventure. Our full-day trip is designed to provide you with a fantastic experience, including 2-3 dives. In the morning, we embark on two dives at different captivating dive spots, followed by an afternoon dive at another exciting location. We typically return around 3 pm, and for those who prefer a more relaxed schedule, they are welcome to snorkel or simply unwind on the boat.

For divers who are not staying at our resort, we offer convenient pick-up and drop-off services. Our prices encompass essential services, such as the assistance of a divemaster for groups of up to 4 persons, boat usage, and complimentary water, tea, and coffee. Please remember to bring your certification card and logbook to ensure a seamless experience.

Join us for a remarkable diving adventure that will create lasting memories. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional dive experience at our Divecenter.

Boat Dives

3 Fundives (1 day)

4,400 PHP

2 Fundives (1 day)

3,600 PHP

1 Fundive (1 day)

2,000 PHP

 3 Fundives & Refresher (1 day)

4,900 PHP


1 Nightdive including torch (min. 2 Divers)

2,400 PHP

1 Nightdive shore entry guided (min. 2 Divers)

2,200 PHP

1 Nightdive shore entry UN-guided (min. 2 Divers)

1,600 PHP

Bonfire dive

1 Dive including guide & lights setup (min. 2 Divers) BOAT

3,500 PHP

1 Dive including guide & lights setup (min. 2 Divers) SHORE

2,500 PHP

Gear Rental

Full Gear Rental (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuite & Fins)

500 PHP

Gear Rental (BCD & Regulator)

300 PHP

Dive Computer Rental

500 PHP

Torch Rental

200 PHP


Nitrox /enriched air & o2 (24%-99%)

NITROX per 12l Tank 32%

350 PHP

NITROX 3 Dives/1day 32%

900 PHP

Discount on "total" scuba diving bill for multiple diving days

3 - 4 days
5 - 6 days
7 - 9 days
10 - 12 days
>12 days
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